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My Latest Obsession

Recently I started playing with making resin beads. My first attempts were with flowers, seeds and lichen. They were pretty enough, some not so successful.

First attempt at making resin beads.

I wanted to try something different though, something a bit more unusual. I thought, hmm, what if I mix clay and resin? Maybe add some copper ink? Feathers?

The first go of mixing clay and resin.

So began the process of trial and error. As you can see my first attempt was not successful!

But do I try to find an instructional video? No! Throughout my journey as an artist I have learned by experimentation. I like to figure out the process on my own. And, occasionally a happy accident is the result. (I realize I would more than likely benefit from instruction here and there though)

Clay & resin with india ink.

I was happy with these results. My next inspiration came from my years working as an archaeologist in Hawaii. I call this collection "Modern Artifacts"

Modern Artifacts- porcelain shard, lichen & flowers in clay, beach stone & magnolia seed

As an archaeologist I would uncover cultural objects that had been buried for years, sometimes hundreds of years. Each piece reminds me of hidden treasures buried in the earth.

Modern Artifacts

These pieces are a combination of clay colored with various inks, then glazed with resin.

Modern Artifacts Tulip Pendants

I am excited to see what comes next. I welcome suggestions. I would love to hear about your creative process. Where does your inspiration come from? What mediums do you combine?

Until next time happy creating!

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