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Mangano Calcite "Soothing Grief"

Last week I said goodbye to my beloved kitty Mimi. She was 17 years old and declining rapidly with kidney failure & cancer. I had the vet come to my home so she could be in a loving environment while she passed over the rainbow bridge. I cradled her in my arms and stroked her while she let out her last breath. My husband held me as I sat bent over her body. I shook with uncontrollable sobs.

I knew intellectually letting her go was the right and humane thing to do. Emotionally, the weight of her death seemed unbearable.

Mimi the Goddess

As I write this I am filled with sadness. Tears in my eyes, reaching for the stone that has guided me through my grief- Mangano Calcite.

Mangano Calcite has a gentle yet powerful effect on the heart. It wraps you in loving energy, allowing you to fully feel & eventually move through your grief.

Mangano Calcite

I put together a combination of Mangano Calcite & Red Jasper and wore them close to my heart for several days. I immediately felt a softening of my sadness and grief. I was able to sit with all my emotions without wanting to hide from my pain. I added Red Jasper (Judy Hall calls Jasper "the supreme nurturer") for tranquility and grounding. Angelite, Lepidolite & Morganite can also be used in combination with Mangano Calcite for grief and letting go. Use the crystals that speak to you, using your intuition for guidance.

As the days go by, I am able to see her in all her glory, the goddess Mimi, remembering her with a full heart.

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