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Artisan handmade crystal jewelry is not only a fashion statement, but it also has the potential to inspire energetic shifts in the wearer. Each unique and one of a kind piece is crafted with care, and designed to be worn every day.

The crystals used in these pieces are carefully selected for their energetic properties, allowing the wearer to benefit from their natural healing properties. Whether you're looking to promote clarity and focus, or to enhance your creativity and intuition, there is a crystal that can help.

Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. This means that when you wear a piece from this collection, you're wearing something truly unique and special.

They're designed to be worn every day, so you can reap the benefits of their energetic properties all the time. So why not add some unique and inspiring crystal jewelry to your everyday wardrobe?

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Stay pure.
All stones are cleansed and charged on selenite before shipping

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Find the right feeling. In person.
Take time to open your piece in person. If, after 7 days, it doesn’t feel right for you, return it for a replacement or refund.

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