My Story

For many, the daily process brings us further from nature and easily allows us to forget the innate abilities we have to live dynamically on our terms. S. Alexander creates jewelry built through the natural energetic healing abilities of crystals and a sensitive artistic touch to inspire conscious change, so you can live with more purpose and lead a life of inspired choice.

Susan, owner and designer, began making jewelry in 1992, living in Hawaii as an archaeologist. Walking the beach she would collect shell and bones to weave together into worn pieces.


Her inclination toward found natural objects grew as she became sensitive to the healing properties of crystals, and the promise of change and the sense of connection with the power and beauty of nature that they can help inspire.

We, ourselves are natural objects on the planet, capable of incredible feats and never truly stuck in any one condition. Crystals and nature help those sensitive enough to remember this, while inspiring our ability to see more and transform with choice.

Are you sensitive? I invite you to connect to your next new story by choosing the piece that feels right for you.


Susan Cameron
Owner, Designer

Connect to your new story.

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